mPDF Utility to generate font files

If you have added fonts to a previous version of mDPF and want to create the extra files needed for embedded subsets - and you still have the [fontname].ufm and [fontname].t1a files: copy the .ufm and .t1a files to this directory and go directly to execute Step 7


Prepare the source files

Copy the [fontname].ttf files to this current directory

Rename the .ttf files if necessary:

Only characters a-z (lowercase only), 0-9 and _ (underscore)

Style variants should be fontname.ttf fontnameb.ttf fontnamei.ttf fontnamebi.ttf

If you only want Unicode TrueType font files, go directly to execute Step 5

Otherwise go to Step 1 - Unibyte (codepage) font files - A